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LE&AB is a "Limited" company with Two private shareholders (Eric Pazzottu & Jan Lindblad). We are a service provider for the electronic industry both in Sweden and outside Sweden.

LE&AB is an independent distributor on the international market. Our customers among others SCI, Flextronic, Solectron and SAAB, have so fare entrusted with us components equivalent to about 80M US $. More than 60 000 lines of RoHs (Pb free) and not RoHs (not Pb free) products which make LE&AB one of the larger independent distributor in the world.

We are located in Norrköping and we have a storage space of 2500 square meters, which can be enlarges by a further 10 000 square meters if required. Our premises are guarded by Securitas and have among other things. ESD floor and sprinkler system.

Our staff have together more than 50 years experience of the electronic industry.

LE&AB worldwide:

LE&AB Sweden: we have 10 people working at our head office and warehouse in Norrköping, and 1 sales person in our office in Sundsvall.

LE&AB USA: 2 people working in our logistic and warehouse in Champlain NY, and 3 Sales/purchasing people in our sales office in Montreal Canada. LE&AB US office serve the American broker market and they help us to source products for our OEMs and CEMs.

LE&AB Asian Pacific: 1 Person working from our office in Singapore who is in charge of selling our products to the Asia/Pacific market, and help our buyers in Sweden to located reliable products in the Area.

LE&AB (LE-and AB)

Delivery and Invoice address:
Röda Stugans Gata
60228 Norrköping



Tel +46 11 28 71 60 | Fax +46 11 12 72 84 | | Röda Stugans Gatan, 60228 Norrköping

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