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The program implies that we take care of the electronics components that you want to dispose of.
 If you have electronic components you do not need any more?
 If you want to get back as much money as possible?
 If you can wait?
Our consignment program is the service you need.

Cost free and risk free!

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    How it works:
  1. You send us the electronic components that you do not need for your production (excess). At any time you can get back any products you need (if it has not been sold yet).
  2. We do a detailed list of all the parts we get from you. Once a day all the new parts are updated in our system and become available to the market.
  3. Each month LE&AB will sell your electronic components to the market for you:
    • Via our customers network (2500 re-salers) all over the world) which are working 24 hours a day.
    • To a limited group of special re-salers in each continent which have been chosen for the excellent contact they have with their local OEMs and CEMs.
    • Intern to our OEMs in Sweden (or outside Sweden) and to OEMs' subcontractor network.
  • At the end of each month we will inform you which parts have been sold and at what price.
  • Finally your company invoice us and we pay you the total amount of the money we have managed to get minus our commission.
     LE&AB guarantee the payment for each part we have sold and we take the full responsibility of the payment from our customers.
     All the cost, from the moment the parts come in our warehouse, are taken by LE&AB.

    In this solution the sale can take a little longer time since the components are sold by the piece, but then you also get a better price. We recommend our customers this solution in the first place.

  • Tel +46 11 28 71 60 | Fax +46 11 12 72 84 | | Röda Stugans Gatan, 60228 Norrköping

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